The Director.

José Pedro Charlo Filipovich was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1953.

He is a director-producer and teacher. He directed the feature-length documentaries At 5 O’clock Sharp (A las cinco en punto), Hector The Weaver (Héctor el tejedor,) and The Circle (El Círculo).

The Calender (El Almanaque) was awarded the First Prize by FONA (the Uruguayan National Audiovisual Fund) and the Best Project Prize of the Southern Cone Region at Doc Bs As of 2008. The project is supported by the IBERMEDIA Co-Production fund, by Montevideo Audiovisual Partners (MVD Socio Audiovisual) and the European Union MEDIA Programme.

Charlo’s next project, Postcards (Postales) is currently in development. It won the 2012 Production Award of ICAU (Uruguayan National Audiovisual Institute).