The Main Character.

Jorge Carlos Tiscornia Bazzi

Born 20/10/1944 , Montevideo. Uruguay
Entered the Faculty of Architecture in 1964 where he studied until 1971. He was arrested as a political militant and sent to prison in June 1972. He remained in prison until 10th March 1985.

He has worked since June 1986 as General Manager of TISDUR, a building company providing advice and carrying out construction work.

During his time in prison, he made copies of documents of the Prison of Libertad (E.M.R. Nº1) : these included all the internal regulations, microfilm documents, library catalogues, plans of the internal lay-out. He also took photos of the prison activities etc. He wrote a diary or almanac of daily events inside and outside the Prison and kept it in a secret hiding place.

From 1989, after regaining his freedom, he began to gather together all possible documentation relating to Libertad Prison to add to those secret papers he had written and kept during the time he was in prison.

In 2003, together with Walter Phillipps-Treby, he wrote VIVIR EN LIBERTAD (“Living in Libertad”) (published by Banda Oriental), that set out to fully document the way Libertad Prison functioned during the military dictatorship in Uruguay.

Tiscornia wrote a series of articles published in the Cuadernos de la Historia Reciente (“The Recent History Notebooks” - Banda Oriental).
In Notebook Nº1, of October 2006 he published Acción de gracias ; (”Thanksgiving”) ; in Notebook Nº 2, of June 2007 , he published Los almanaques (“The Almanacs”) ; in Notebook Nº3 of September 2007, he published La llegada (“The Arrival”).

He is currently working on the book, Crónicas del almanaque (“Chronicles of the Almanac”) about the events and experiences described in the almanac that he kept hidden for 13 years in prison.

In August 2007 he was engaged by the Uruguayan Ministry of Defence to digitalize and collate microfilm archives found in this Ministry.

In April 2006, a selection of his personal photographs was exhibited in the Subte gallery of Montevideo, under the title: Desde el mar (“From the Sea”). In May 2006 his work was included in the collective exhibition Dispersiones in the Montevideo Cabildo.

From October-December 2007, his work was shown in the exhibition LAB. 07 ARTE, DESHONRA Y VIOLENCIA (“Art, Dishonour and Violence”) at the Spanish Cultural Centre, Montevideo

From October 2011- May 2012 his work was included in the exhibition Deslacrando (“Removing the seals”) at the MUME (Museum of Memory, Montevideo) .